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About us

BK Legal Consultancy operates in various fields of Turkish law and international law with six lawyers specializing in different legal fields registered with the Istanbul Bar Association, along with trainee lawyers, follow-up staff and administrative staff.

Our approach is to urgently identify and focus on the real needs of our clients, to help resolve disputes through the quality and fast service we provide, and to ensure that our relationships with our clients are permanent.

First of all, legal assistance and consultancy to find the most efficient and fastest solution is one of our basic services, rather than going through a long and uncertain litigation processIn this context, we consider the process of the emergence of the legal problem as a whole and not only intervene after the problem arises; Considering the possible risks, while there is no problem yet, we consider directing the clients we serve as the basic principle of the profession, such as preventive medicine.

On the other hand, our office stands out as a reliable office in this field by obtaining extremely positive results at the end of the trial as a result of a very meticulous and detailed preliminary process and careful follow-up by its expert and experienced staff in cases where the litigation process begins.

In addition, our office does not operate in a single branch of law and it is our most important working principle to be able to respond to the legal problems that the people or businesses we serve will face in all areas.

Privacy and Professional Secret: 'Secrecy and confidentiality' is one of the most important ethical principles of the legal profession. Our office applies with precision the principle of confidentiality and secret-keeping as determined by the legal profession act. Our law firm keeps the information and documents of its clients privately confidential within the scope of professional confidentiality and does not share them in any way with third parties or institutions.

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