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Business Law

Our office has knowledge and knowledge about legal disputes that may arise on both sides of the relationship between the employee and the employer. In this context, some of the services provided in the field of Labor and Social Security Law are as follows;

  • Establishment of business relationship with the employee on behalf of the client companies and in this context, the arrangement of individual and collective labor agreements in accordance with the need, personnel management, creation of workplace regulations, control of worker personal files, provision of basic labor law information to the human resources of the client company in the field of labor law, the regulation of contracts and minutes, termination of the business relationship if necessary and comprehensive consultancy, not limited to them,
  • Providing support on the creation of occupational safety and occupational health measures,
  • On both the employee and the employer’s side; follow-up of cases related to seniority, notice, overtime and other receivables,
  • Follow up reemployment lawsuit
  • Follow-up of financial and moral damages lawsuits arising from work accidents for both parties,+
  • Preparation of collective bargaining agreements
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