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Execution and Bankruptcy Law

In the field of execution and bankruptcy law, the receivables that commercial companies cannot collect at home and abroad are collected in a short time with foreclosure or bankruptcy claims.  Receivables abroad are tracked simultaneously with the partner offices we work with abroad and collected in a short time. With our executive staff, foreclosure procedures are applied to every place in the country immediately through office employees.  We aim to exerte collection by applying criminal sanctions as soon as possible in operating each of the foreclosure-bankruptcy crimes in the collection of commercial receivables, except for the follow-up files that we have filed for foreclosure or bankruptcy.

On the other hand, we provide legal advice to companies that are experiencing liquid shortages and want to continue their lives actively during the troubled periodIn this context, we have legal assistance to overcome the process in the most painless way with the implementation of concordat cases and precautionary decisions that can be takenSome of the services provided in the field of enforcement and bankruptcy law are as follows;

  • All kinds of execution and bankruptcy follow-ups,
  • Mortgage and pawn facility
  • Negative declaratory action, ejectment, claim cases
  • Signature and Debt Objection Cases,
  • Criminal cases arising from bankruptcy,
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Concordat Cases
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