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Lawsuits Arising From Intellectual Property Law

Societies in a globalized world; If they encourage artists, scientists and thinkers, innovative, designers and competitive operators, they can thrive and produce advanced technology. In this context, intellectual property law comes into play to prevent unauthorized use of trademark rights elements or patents, copy sales, unauthorized use of works, unauthorized marketing and violation of the intellectual rights of organizations.

Our law firm serves its clients, owners, performers, production companies and publishers in the field of Intellectual and Artistic Works Law, both in the field of legal cases and criminal law. It carries out detection, prevention, ban, material and moral cases and criminal cases in case of conflict or case of an attack on intellectual and industrial works.

Some of the services provided in the field of Intellectual Property law of our office are as follows;

  • National and international research, registration, protection and transfer of trademarks, patents, industrial design and useful models
  • Providing consultancy services related to trademark, patent, industrial design and utility model rights and monitoring all cases arising from disputes
  • Copyrights
  • Preventing the misuse of trade secrets
  • Preparation of license agreements and consultancy services in licensing/acquisition negotiations
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