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Legal Advice to Companies

In addition to the duty of representing his clients in the courts, the lawyer has a duty to give opinions to clients on the resolution of legal problems, in other words, to ‘advise’. The lawyer shows the alternative solutions to the legal problem, and the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative so that he can make the right decision for his client with counseling. They prevent disputes from turning into lawsuits and unnecessary disputes unless absolutely necessary.

Our expert lawyers offer fast, practical, economical and rational solutions to minimizing or not experiencing the grievances and loss of rights that may occur or have occurred in the commercial life, and to eliminate the losses against the losses that occur.

In this context, our experienced team, in order to complete the compulsory company formalities, ordinary company transactions such as capital increases and reductions, appointment of directors and determination of representation powers, issuance of internal directives, board of directors and general assembly meetings, address and title changes, amendments to the articles of association, as well as all other ordinary company transactions. provides consultancy services on the preparation, examination and finalization of all kinds of commercial contracts, the preparation of dealership contracts, current account contracts, non-compete satisfaction contracts and many other types of contracts related to the field of activity of the companies.

Finally, in terms of business law; Meticulous preparation of fixed and indefinite-term employment contracts to be made with employees, documents related to work conditions and safety to be obtained during work, competition agreements when necessary, minutes and other forms to be filled, and legal correspondence to be made with personnel whose employment relationship has been terminated, preliminary work to ensure that there are no missing documents in a legal dispute that may arise. It is one of the services offered by our office.

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