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Taxation Law

Our office has experience in guiding and advising the client on settlement commissions to settle disputes in matters concerning tax law before they reach the case stage.

In addition, the tax court and the Council of State follow-up of the lawsuits to be filed against the deducted tax penalties as the first instance court are carried out by our office. Recent Transfer Pricing related to subsidiaries, historical and accrued tax penalties within the scope of Transfer pricing, pre-trial work and case size are all of our fields of work. Apart from tax enforcement law, the follow-up of criminal cases opened within the scope of tax evasion is one of our specialties.

In this context, some of the services provided in the field of tax law are as follows;

  • Reviewing and evaluating the review reports and all documents caused by the dispute from a legal point of view,
  • Preparation of the petition for settlement if a compromise is to be made,
  • Determination of the reconciliation strategy, to participate in the settlement,
  • Preparation of the petition if judicial action is to be applied,
  • Follow-up of the entire judicial process and participate in the proceedings.
  • Every stage of Criminal Cases resulting from Tax Penalties and Tax Evasion,
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